Investor Relation

Biodenta operates in the global dental industry and this is an industry characterized by strong, long term growth, healthy margins, need for consolidation and will be strongly influenced by new, digital technologies.


The dental industry is conservative and has a certain resistance towards change, which represents both opportunities and certain challenges. Opportunities are for the people who can offer new, modern solutions to the present problems, and challenges are caused from "things take time". This industry is still dominated by thousands of small dental clinics and dental laboratories with 3 - 8 employees, and to penetrate and convince a high number of customers takes time and requires patience.

Our Total Solution Provider business model, which is an integrated platform of products and services within implantology, customized prosthetics, intraoral scanning and both chair side and laboratory milling solutions, is now complete.

This is the solution for the dental industry moving forward; more integrated solutions, "one-stop shopping" and new and improved procedures within both clinics and laboratories. The dental clinics and laboratories must learn to adjust to a more industrialized environment, dominated by professional business solutions, and Biodenta has spent 10 years to develop all these products and services, and a global sales & distribution network, which can market and sell such solutions.

Total Solution Provider
The company offers a world class Total Solution Provider concept to all major dental markets around the globe, which includes Dental Implant Systems (DIS), Digital Dentistry Systems (DDS) and DentaSwiss Service Centers (DSSC). In DIS field, we are able to provide four complete implant families and devote ourselves to the completion of related prosthetic accessories. A leading Tight Fit Connection technique inside our products has been tested and verified by Frankfurt University Germany, which we believe will become the main stream application in the future. In DDS field, as the cosmetic element in dentistry becomes stronger everywhere, the demand for more and more customized prosthetic solutions including all kinds of prosthetic teeth and the related products is fast increasing. Therefore, availability of digitalization in order to provide precise, quick and aesthetic products for oral surgeons, dental laboratories and most importantly end users is highly requested. On the clinic side, Biodenta promotes chair side systems that enable the surgeons to directly implement the intraoral scan of the patient and then transmit the data to the regional DSSC franchise via internet. These systems help to speed up the production of high-end and customized prosthetic products for temporary or permanent use. This development can make one-day dentistry come true in the future. In DSSC field, we have established many DSSC franchises in major markets where we are able to provide digital dental products and services for local customers in the respective territory or country. Since the regional DSSCs become important modules of the terminal service within our Total Solution Provider business model, we will continue to invest into such DSSCs in key dental markets of the world, sometimes with distribution partners (J/V) or alone.

Year 2017 Prospects
With the strategy of leaner and more flexible operations, the company will continue to reallocate resources globally and focus on those promising developing countries to catch the uptrend there as it attains the completion of its product portfolio and regulatory approvals. The company will also pay high attention to its production efficiency and inventory control to ensure a reasonable balance among product quality, gross profit, order fulfillment and inventory level vis-à-vis anticipated sales boost. Biodenta is ready and keen to move forward with all efforts and shall enjoy the fruits of its labor on the back of internal adjustments, reinforced channels, obtainment of certifications and completion of product portfolio. Looking forward to a progress in 2017, Biodenta has great confidence in its teams and shall seize every opportunity to grow its business.

Taiwan, March 2017
Patrick Hsieh
Group Chairman

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting (the "Meeting") of Biodenta Corporation (the "Company") will be convened at the meeting room Calla Hall, Fullon Hotel Sanyin (located at 2F, No.63, Dasyue Rd., Sansia Dist., New Taipei City, 236, Taiwan) at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, April 28, 2017.

1. The agenda for the Meeting is as follows:

I. Report Items

(1) To report the business of 2016.
(2) Supervisor’s Review Report on the 2016 Financial Statements.
(3) Accumulated Losses Reaching One-Half of Paid-in Capital.

II. Proposed Resolutions

(1) Adoption of 2016 business report and financial statements.
(2) Adoption of the proposal for 2016 deficit compensation.

III. Discussion Item

(1) A capital reduction plan to offset company losses.
(2) To cease the status as a public company.
(3) Cash capital increase by private placement.

IV. Special Motions

V. Dismiss

2. Per to the details of private placement, please refer to "Proposal for 2017 cash capital increase by private placement”.

Private Placement

Proposal: Proposal for 2017 cash capital increase by private placement.

Description: In order to have enough working capital for business growth, the Company proposes to issue common shares by private placement in less than three tranches within one year starting from the resolution date of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. The terms of common shares are shown below:

1. Issue Amount and Shares: Maximum NT$300M and maximum 10M shares

2. Par Value: NT$ 10 per share

3. The basis and reasonableness of the private placement pricing:

(1) The Issue Price is currently expected to be not less than 80% of the Reference Price (as defined below). The reference price is the net worth per share shown on the financial report audited and certified or reviewed by a CPA for the period closest to the price determination date.

(2) If the price per share of the privately placed common shares might possibly be lower than the par value of the shares, such pricing and issuance is still necessary since this cash capital increase can facilitate the stable growth and financial structure of the company and also shareholders’ equity. The impact on shareholders’ equity will be an increase in accumulated loss incurred from the effect of the price difference. However, such accumulated loss will be eliminated according to future business development.

(3) It is proposed that the Shareholders’ Meeting authorizes the Board of Directors to determine the actual pricing date and issuing price according to the situation of placees and market and in compliance with the approved percentage for the private placement pricing by the Shareholders’ Meeting.

4. The method for selecting the placees: In compliance with Article 43-6 of the Securities and Exchange Act. Currently. The criteria of placees are as follows.

(1) Natural persons, juristic persons, or funds meeting the conditions prescribed by the Competent Authority.

(2) Selection method and purpose: The placees can understand and bring benefits to the company in future development.

5. If any placee is a strategic investor:

(1) Selection method and purpose: The placee can support any management and finance resources the company needs.

(2) Necessity and expected benefits: To strengthen the competitive advantage of the company and bring forth the synergy of product and market development.

(3) Currently, there is no confirmed strategic investor.

6. If any placee is an internal person of the Company:

(1) Selection method and purpose: The placee knows the company well in a certain level and can directly or indirectly facilitate the future operation of the company.

(2) Necessity and expected benefits: To strengthen the financial structure and sustainable development and to bring forth the business improvement.

(3) If any placee is an internal person of the Company, it will be limited to the directors and supervisors of the BOD and the managers of the company, which possibly are Patrick Hsieh (chairman), Joan Yang(director), Kevin Chuang (director), Mark Chang (independent director), Antony Huang (independent director), Hanson Tsai (supervisor), Yiting Lee (supervisor), Jackson Chen (Sales VP), Philemon Chuang (CFO), Benson Wang (accounting manager).

7. The reasons necessitating the private placement:

(1) The reason for not using public placement: The company currently at the developing stage needs to raise fund to reinforce operation through private placement which is more efficient and convenient comparing to public placement. If through public placement, it will take too long to inject fund into the company in time. The company also needs strategic investors to facilitate its long term development. And the private placement with a three-year lock-in period can strengthen the long term partnership between the company and strategic investors. So, it is necessary to raise fund by private placement not public placement.

(2) The use of proceed and expected benefits

Tranche Use of Proceed Expected Benefits
1st To replenish working capital and improve financial structure To reinforce the competitiveness, operation efficiency and interest saving of the company, and to elevate shareholders' equity
2nd To replenish working capital and improve financial structure To reinforce the competitiveness, operation efficiency and interest saving of the company, and to elevate shareholders' equity
3rd To replenish working capital and improve financial structure To reinforce the competitiveness, operation efficiency and interest saving of the company, and to elevate shareholders' equity

8. Capital contribution method: the placee shall make a cash capital contribution.

9. All the rights and obligations for the privately placed common shares are the same as those for the issued common shares of the Company. However according to the Securities Exchange Act, except for being transferred to a transferee meeting the requirement under Article 43-8 of the Securities Exchange Act, the privately placed common shares cannot be sold within three years after their delivery. After three years from the delivery of privately placed common shares, according to related regulations, the Company shall apply with the competent authorities for public issuance and Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) or Taipei Exchange (TPEx) listing of such privately placed common shares. 

10. It is proposed that the Shareholders’ Meeting authorizes the Board of Directors with full power and authority to determine the important matters in connection with this private placement, including the number of shares to be issued, terms and conditions of the private placement, placee selecting method, fund utilization plan, detailed plan items, expected process and anticipated benefits and other related issues. If some revision or adjustment has to be made due to amendment to the laws and regulations, the competent authorities’ instruction, market condition change or environment impact, it is also proposed that the Shareholders’ Meeting authorizes the Board of Directors with full power and authority to handle all related matters.

11. Except for aforementioned authorization scope, it is also proposed that the Shareholders’ Meeting authorizes the Chairman to determine the new shares issue record date and authorizes the Chairman or any other his designated person to sign and negotiate all related contracts or documents on behalf of the Company and to handle all matters related to this private placement.




1. 募資總金額及發行股數:私募總金額上限新台幣3億元整且發行股數不超過1,000萬股。

2. 面額:新台幣每股10元。

3. 私募價格之依據及合理性:

(1) 本公司私募普通股每股價格係以不低於參考價格之8成且不低於最近期會計師查核簽證或核閱之財務報告顯示之每股淨值訂之,參考價格係以定價日最近期經會計師查核簽證或核閱之財務報告顯示之每股淨值。

(2) 本次私募普通股價格如依前述之定價成數致低於股票面額,且為因應本公司營運狀況及市場變化而有低於面額發行之必要時,其增資事項係有助於公司營運穩定成長及改善財務結構,對股東權益有正面助益。股東權益影響為實際私募價格與面額間之差額,應先借記同種類股票溢價產生之資本公積,如有不足則借記保留盈餘項下之未分配盈餘,產生之累積虧損,將視未來公司營運狀況消除之。

(3) 實際定價日與實際私募價格授權董事會依106年股東常會決議之參考價格成數限制,視日後洽定特定人情形及市場狀況決定之。

4. 特定人選擇方式:將依證交法第四十三條之六及91年6月13日(91)台財證一字第0910003455號等相關規定辦理,擬洽詢之應募人如下:

(1) 符合主管機關所定條件之自然人、法人或基金。

(2) 選擇方式及目的: 對本公司整體營運狀況已有了解,進而對本公司未來發展有助益。


(1) 應募人之選擇方式與目的:應募人之選擇為可協助本公司營運所需各項管理及財務資源。

(2) 必要性及預計效益:為提昇本公司之競爭優勢,擬引進對本公司未來產品與市場發展有助益之策略性投資人。

(3) 策略性投資人名單,目前無已洽定之應募人。


(1) 應募人之選擇方式與目的:對公司未來營運有直接或間接助益,且對本公司具一定瞭解者。

(2) 必要性及預計效益:為強化財務結構及維持公司永續經營,藉由應募人資金挹注,以改善公司整體營運體質。

(3) 應募人如為公司內部人或關係人,限於董事、監察人及公司經理人,可能名單為謝沛勳 (董事長)、楊秀瓊(董事)、莊明山(董事)、張靖坤(獨立董事)、黃建中(獨立董事)、蔡志谷(監察人)、李宜庭(監察人)、陳家聲(業務副總)、莊國祥(財務長)、王偉全(會計主管)。


(1) 不採用公開募集之理由:由於公司營運尚未獲利,為充實營運資金,爰有資金需求,考量私募方式相對迅速簡便之時效性,如透過公開募集方式籌資,除礙於時效,亦恐難迅速挹注所需資金,及因公司長期發展所需或引進策略投資等規劃,而私募有價證券受限於三年內不得自由轉讓之規定,將可更為確保公司與策略性投資夥伴間之長期合作關係,故不採用公開募集而擬以私募方式辦理。

(2) 各次私募資金用途及預計達成效益如下:

次別 資金用途 預計達成效益
第一次 充實營運資金及改善財務結構 可強化公司競爭力、提昇營運效能及節省利息之效益,對股東權益亦有正面助益
第二次 充實營運資金及改善財務結構 可強化公司競爭力、提昇營運效能及節省利息之效益,對股東權益亦有正面助益
第三次 充實營運資金及改善財務結構 可強化公司競爭力、提昇營運效能及節省利息之效益,對股東權益亦有正面助益

8. 應募人出資方式:以現金方式出資。

9. 本次私募普通股之權利義務原則上與本公司已發行之普通股相同;惟依證券交易法規定,本公司私募之普通股於交付日起三年內,除依證券交易法第四十三條之八規定之轉讓對象外,不得再行賣出。另本次私募之普通股自交付日起滿三年後,依相關法令規定辦理。

10. 本次私募有價證券之重要內容,包括募集發行股數、私募條件、特定人之選擇方式、資金運用計劃、計劃項目、預計進度及預計可能產生效益及其他與本次私募普通股有關之未盡事宜,擬請股東會授權董事會決定。未來如因法令變更、主管機關指示、或基於市場狀況變化、客觀環境影響而須變更或修正時,亦請股東會授權董事會全權處理之。

11. 除以上所述之授權範圍外,另擬請股東會授權董事長訂定發行新股增資基準日,並授權董事長或其指定之人得代表本公司簽署、商議一切本次有關之契約或文件,並為本公司辦理一切有關本次私募有價證券的事宜。


Selling Only Account Infomation

Any selling activity consists of the transaction itself and the related taxes and fees. Overseas shareholders need both a domestic agent and a tax agent. The domestic agent represents the overseas shareholder when it comes to handle the transaction while the tax agent represents overseas shareholder in terms of tax issues.

Furthermore, every shareholder needs his/her own bank account for the security transaction, which is bundled with the security account. The shareholder cannot use another bank account for this security account. The domestic agent represents the shareholder and is authorized to open the local security and bank accounts in the name of the shareholder.

Please note that selling activities will entail taxes and fees for both domestic agent and tax agent. Please contact Jean at RichFin Inc. for more detailed information (contact details below).


The shareholder has to complete the following steps:
  • Choose a tax agent (a professional accountant is suggested) for tax dealing and a domestic agent for opening a security (sell-only) and a bank account in Taiwan, and complete all requested forms. The tax agent can assist the shareholder to fill in the relevant forms.
    Suggested tax agent: RichFin Inc. Please contact: Jean, E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Suggested domestic agent: Biodenta Please contact: Carol, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Legalize
    • Power of Attorney (POA), passport hardcopy and ID No. Application Form (your signature)
      for the tax agent (one copy is enough)
    • Power of Attorney for domestic agent(five copies) at Taiwan, ROC representative office.
      The shareholder may contact the tax agent to handle the process.
Please refer to documents below for detailed instructions and forms.

The tax agent will act as follows:

The tax agent will take shareholder’s ID, POA for tax agent and “Agent Appointment and Acceptance Form” in order to apply for the appointment of tax agent in National Tax Administration.

  • The tax agent will take shareholder’s ID and POA for National Immigration Agency to apply for the document “Record of ID No. in the Republic of China” in Ministry of the Interior.

The domestic agent will then proceed as follows:

The domestic agent will take shareholder’s ID, passport, POA for domestic agent, “Record of ID No. in the Republic of China” , and “Agent Appointment and Acceptance Form” to open the security (sell-only) and a bank account in Biodenta assigned Securities and Bank.



TAX AGENT documents
In order to prepare the documents for the tax agent the following processes need to be completed and authenticated:

ID NO. Application Process

ID NO. Application Form
Power of Attorney for ID NO together with a hardcopy of your passport to be legalized (1 copy)
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Approval Application Process
    Power of Attorney for MOEA to be legalized (1 copy)
  • Tax Agent Application Process
    Power of Attorney to be legalized (1 copy)
    Agent Appointment and Acceptance Form (3 copies)
    Proxy of Individual Income Tax Statement Application (3 copies)
    Proxy Statement for tax refund
In order to prepare the documents for the domestic agent the following documents need to be completed and authenticated:

Power of Attorney for Domestic Agent (5 copies) to be legalized

  • Instructions
    • This form also needs to be consularized, including:
      • Passport (including your personal profile and photo on it, if accompanied by your signature on, it would be a plus)
      • Your signature (must be the same with the signature in the passport)
      • Foreign national residing outside of the R.O.C. he or she shall present copies of his or her documents authenticated by the competent authority in his or her home country or consularized by an R.O.C. consulate or its functional equivalent in the place where such documents are executed; in either case, for examination of the appointer’s personal data and signature. Please double confirm your Name, Nationality, Passport number and Address in POA.
    • Assistance
      • You can provide the tax agent with
        (1) your passport copy; (2) the communication address; (3) telephone number.
        The tax agent would fulfill all the documents for you to sign and to be consularized
    • Form
Once you have completed above forms, please also mail them to tax agent (the original copy). The address and receiver are as following:

Miss Lan, Hua-Chen

7F., No.94, Meilun St., Shilin Dist.,
Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Transaction Procedure IR ver1430

For further questions kindly get in touch with:
EMEA Adrian Sieber This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
AMERICAS Shan Lu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Investment Thesis

  • Biodenta concentrates its activities on the emerging markets, in addition to the two main dental reference markets - the USA and German speaking Europe.
    • Biodenta is one of the value players in the dental market with a global reach and full service portfolio (Total Solution Provider including 4 complete implant programs, intraoral scanning, “chair-side” solutions and CAD/CAM).
    • Biodenta sells its products under the Biodenta and DentaSwiss labels. Products are developed in cooperation with leading dentists and scientists. Our production facilities ensure quality and capacity to meet future growth and customer expectations.
    • Management and Board Members are highly experienced both in bringing companies to the Taiwanese Stock Market and in leading publicly listed companies.

Dental Implant System

Biodenta offers full range of Dental Implant System (DIS) including Bone Level, Bone Level Tapered, Tissue Level and One Piece Implant with innovative features and comprehensive prosthetic solutions to satisfy different clinical demands.

Digital Dentistry System

DentaSwiss Digital Dentistry System (DDS) comprises all necessary equipment including hardware, software and the entire CAD/CAM range of products, from Zirconia/Titanium crowns and copings, customized abutment to implant bars and multiple unit bridges.


DentaSwiss Clinic Services (DSCS)
DSCS is the solution for dental clinics looking for “in-clinic” production integrated with their digital procedures. This optimum open system saves time and increases efficiency for the dental clinics without any compromise on quality. From the most advanced intraoral scanning to high end 5 axes milling, with this open system, the user always has a choice to prepare the final restoration in-clinic or simply send it to other labs or the DentaSwiss Service Centers by few clicks.
DentaSwiss Lab Services (DSLS)
DSLS is a solution for dental laboratories that are interested to have “in-lab” design and production. This solid open system empowers dental labs to benefit from high quality production with a broad range of restorations, which is very easy to use. This setup includes advanced laboratory scanner and design software in combination with a precise compact milling machine. Similar to other open systems the user always has a choice to complete the final restoration in-lab or outsource it by sending to a DentaSwiss Service Center.
DentaSwiss Service Center (DSSC)
DSSC is a key entity in Biodenta‘s Total Solution Provider concept which supports laboratories and clinics with products and services. DSSC provides high end industrial milling, printing services, premium training and customer support. For any lab or clinic that utilize DSCS and DSLS solutions the preferred local DSSC assures reliable products and services. We will continue to develop the DentaSwiss franchise concept on a global scale. This offers lab owners a professional global network, which allows them to get access to the best technology and business practices in the industry.

Global Education

In this exceedingly competitive environment, it is Biodenta’s great ambition to provide high quality education services globally. The key success factors are the continual engagement of world renowned professors and key opinion leaders specializing in the field of implant dentistry from each area of the globe. With our strong commitment to resources and direct focus on Biodenta education hubs in Switzerland, USA, Turkey and Ukraine, we plan to construct also a world class Biodenta education hub in Taiwan.

Quality & Regulatory

Since originally CE certified in 2009 Biodenta, in Switzerland and Taiwan, has successfully passed 10 consecutive audits by our notified body TÜV Rheinland LGA. We received our first US FDA 510(k) clearances in 2010 and hold meanwhile eight 510(k)s. It was a tremendous effort of our regulatory team to get the approvals in our “home markets” within a short time until the product launch phase!


Americas (AMER)
In the USA, we have made certain important adjustments to our distribution set-up. We are about to create a strong, national distribution through well established dental distributors, a mixture of regional and national ones. In addition, we are negotiating with 3 national distributors and hope to have positive news regarding these potential new partners soon. In late 2013, we moved into a new facility for the US operation, still in the DC area, but significantly more suitable for our type of operation, including our DentaSwiss Service Center (milling). This move has both increased capacity and added new and exciting products to the prosthetic range, which will enable us to support the new customer base in the US market.

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
In EMEA markets we see solid growth this year. We have high expectations in the Middle East region, where we have our own subsidiaries in Turkey and Iran, and in East Europe we are ready to trigger aggressive sales activities in 2014. In Russia, we established a J/V end of 2012, with a high reputation Russian partner, where Biodenta holds 45 % of Biodenta Russia. This entity is situated in Moscow and is ready to trigger sales activities in 2014. In German speaking Europe we continue to optimize resources and we are optimistic as to market developments in Germany and Switzerland. In India, we expect product registration clearance in 2014 and are preparing the distribution network. We have established key opinion leaders already and will start selling our products in big agglomerations like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Therefore, we will enter into a partnership with a local laboratory that will use our DentaSwiss franchise model for the digital dentistry and will also sell our dental implants.

Asia Pacific (APAC) ǀ China
In the APAC region we are already well established in Taiwan. Furthermore we have signed multiple distribution contracts with valuable partners in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. In 2014, we will have regulatory access to China, a key market, which experiences rapid growth in the dental field. We have established our own sales coordination company in Shanghai, 10 - 11 regional distributors are trained and ready to go, and we are very optimistic with regards to this key market. With our long experience in the Chinese health care market, we are well positioned to take our share of this rapidly developing market. Our structures are established, people are educated and ready to go.

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(Europe, Middle East & Africa)

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