• Advanced Restorative Solution

    with comprehensive options

      Simple restorative procedure
      Complete range standard restorative components
      Complete range of digital restorative options
      High quality user-friendly instruments

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Comprehensive Restorative Solution

Biodenta implant system offers broad range of restorative options with high quality components to meet all of your restorative needs. Varieties of restorative options, from single units to full-mouth restorations, from stock abutments to patient specific digital solutions make Biodenta an ideal system for any treatment plan. The Biodenta implant system offers easy-to-use components to meet all of your restorative needs. You can follow the individual charts to identify the appropriate abutments for the type of restoration you are restoring: Cement-retained, screw-retained or overdenture restoration.

Prosthetic Options


Prosthetic Instruments


Swift Abutments


Multi-Use Abutments


Downloads - Prosthetic Components

Bone Level & Bone Level Tapered

Bone Level & Bone Level Tapered - Prosthetic Options Stock Abutments   English
Bone Level & Bone Level Tapered - Prosthetic Guideline   English
Bone Level & Bone Level Tapered - Multi-Use Abutment System   English
Bone Level - Temporary Abutment   English

Tissue Level

Tissue Level - Prosthetic Guideline   English

One Piece

One Piece Implant - Surgical & Prosthetic Guideline   English
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