• Innovative Implant System

    with comprehensive solutions

      Streamlined surgical protocol
      Designed for optimal esthetics
      Ideal for immediate loading
      Comprehensive size selection
      Extended platform switch
      Advanced guided surgery option
      Complete range of restorative components
  • TP Implant Movie 001
    Tapered Implant Rotating
  • TP Implant Movie 002
    Tapered Implant Advanced
  • TP Implant Movie 003
    Tight-Fit Connection
  • TP Implant Movie 004
    Implant Connection Test
  • TP Implant Movie 004
    Surgical Animation
  • TP Implant Movie 004
    Direct Implant Pick-up
  • TP Implant Movie 004
  • TP Implant Movie 004
    Surface - High Hydrophility
  • TP Implant Movie 004
    Prosthetic Animation
  • TP Implant Movie 004
    Swift Animation
  • TP Implant Movie 005
    Dr. Dennis Tarnow
  • Dr. Vince Prestipino
  • TP Implant Movie 007
    Dr. Trevor Andrews

Biodenta Implants

Biodenta offers an innovative implant system with comprehensive solutions. The BST implant surface is achieved by an anodization process, which formulates a thicken titanium oxide layer.

This roughened surface supports the final osseointegration of the implant. The final abutments can be securely placed in 6 different positions in a tight-fit 6° conical connection, intended to minimize micro-movements and optimizing the final restorative outcome. There are varieties of restorative options available, from stock abutment for single units to complex full-mouth restorations.

Product Table


  •   Extended platform switch
  •   Tight-Fit connection (6 degree morse taper)
  •   Hexagonal abutment orientation system
  •   Platform identification by color
  •   Auto Positioning (Biodenta abutment STEP design)
  •   Internal thread abutment design1

Body & Threads

  •   Straight and tapered implant design
  •   Combined micro/macro thread design
  •   Anti-reverse cutting groove 2
  •   Self cutting grooves
  •   Tooth colored top 2
  •   Soft tip area


  •   Shoulder: smooth to enhance gingiva attachment 2
  •   Top Region: micro rough for bone attachment and creating barrier against bacteria 2
  •   Main Surface (BST surface treatment technology): moderately rough with surface activation through anodization process high biocompatibility to allow bone growth

Drills (Biodenta Exceptional Helix)

  •   Flute relief design to enhance water irrigation and avoid overheating
  •   Tri-spiral cutting edges with optimal helix angle design
  •   Excellent durability
  •   Accurately fitting implant shape
1 - for easy abutment removal with special tool | 2 - tapered implants only

Downloads - Biodenta Implants

Bone Level & Bone Level Tapered

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Bone Level Tapered - Surgical Guideline   English
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